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    Since 1901, a Chapter bound by Brotherhood


    Congratulations to the Class of 2021

    The Class of 2021:


    The brothers of Delta Upsilon want to wish you a huge congratulations for making it to one of life's great milestones -- the beginning of your college years. At the University of Chicago, you'll engage the greatest minds around the world, discovering yourselves and each other at greater depths than ever before. But the men of Delta Upsilon know that college would not and could not be the same without an undying brotherhood by your side, invigorating you, fortifying you, and making you the best you can possibly be.


    With that said, let's kick off the start of the year by taking a walk on the wild side -- we look forward to meeting you Saturday at UChicago's first party, Welcome to the Wild.




    The Rush Chairmen

    ---Shawn Kim '20

    ---Jarrod Dominguez '20

    ---Nich Arena '20

  • The 2016, fall rush cycle

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  • About Us

    Built by gentlemen, for gentlemen

    Our Aims

    Delta Upsilon strives to live up to the values delineated in our Four Founding Principles:


    1. The Advancement of Justice

    2. The Promotion of Friendship

    3. The Development of Character

    4. The Diffusion of Liberal Culture


    Equipped with these aims, we are a community of thinkers, achievers, motivators, and trailblazers that have always striven to live up to our motto: "Building better men."

    Our Brothers

    Our Brotherhood comprises a wealth of members, each offering a unique personality that profoundly enhances our college experience and cements Delta Upsilon as the cornerstone of our social lives.


    Our brothers hail from all corners of the globe -- from California to Switzerland, New York to Great Britain, Miami to Sweden, and Connecticut to Bosnia.

    Our Achievements

    We've maintained leadership roles in a wide variety of extracurricular activities including The Blue Chips, Eckhart Consulting, The Institute of Politics, Model United Nations, The Becker Friedman Institute, The Phoenix Energy Initiative, The Chicago Maroon, Moneythink, and Off Off Campus.


    We've taken first prize at sorority competitions including Alpha Omicron Pi's Alpha Games 2015 and Kappa Alpha Theta's Mr. University Pageant 2015 and 2016.


    Our brothers are leaders in numerous varsity athletic teams including tennis, cross country, track and field, rugby, swimming, and intramural soccer and football.

    Our Scholarship

    Our brotherhood believes academic achievement is a cornerstone of every successful man, and we take it upon ourselves to regularly reinforce our commitments to strong scholastic performance through strengthening our ties with UChicago's thriving intellectual community. Over the past few years, we've had the privilege of welcoming to our house esteemed professors of the Mathematics, Economics, Biological Sciences, and Psychology departments.


    Working hard and playing hard -- we've maintained an average GPA of 3.6 all the while we've hosted the biggest and best parties at UChicago.

    Our History

    The University of Chicago Chapter of Delta Upsilon was founded as the Iron Key Society in the late 19th Century, before later joining the Delta Upsilon Fraternity as the Chicago Chapter in 1901. We acquired our house at 5714 S. Woodlawn Ave in 1927 and have since developed a robust alumni network and a prosperous, intimate active brotherhood.

    Our Alumni

    We've built one of the best professional alumni networks of any student organization on campus, with strong representation in countless fields including financial services, technology, media, medicine, and academia. Our alumni frequently join us for events, reunions, and celebrations throughout the year.